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Work Requests

Plan, Execute, and Track Work Requests Efficiently!

Craft provides a smart and easy way to manage your maintenance issues requests from anywhere through both web and mobile apps.

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Work Order

Advanced Work Order Maintenance Management

Craft work order management solution provides a seamless experience through QR code scanning for your assets to optimize the maintenance process.

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Spare Parts Inventory

Optimized Spare Parts Inventory Management

Inventory management has never been easier. Craft includes smart features to simplify your maintenance management workflow.

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Asset Management

End-to-End Effective Asset Management

Craft offers a comprehensive asset management solution that brings everything in one place, from asset allocation to usage and maintenance history to ensure optimum performance.

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Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management, Simplified

Optimize and accelerate your maintenance management. With Craft’s regular preventive and predictive measures, customized schedules, and checklists, control all your maintenance operations and overcome your maintenance challenges faster and better.

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Purchasing & Suppliers

Automated Purchasing and Supplier Management

Get the most of Craft data collection and full automation features to streamline your purchasing and supplier management like never before.

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Reports & Dashboards

Track, Record, and Act

With an intuitive interface and fully customizable dashboards, Craft gives you full visibility into organized insights, data, and reports to take data-driven actions.

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Get the most optimized performance for your organization with Craft Business Suite maintenance management solution.

Why Craft Business Suite ?

A Centralized Platform

Seamlessly manage your entire facility and asset maintenance operations, connect teams, and collect all asset and operations data, all in one place.

Fully Accessible

Craft is easily accessible and fully functional across multiple platforms, designed to be user-friendly and run efficiently on desktop and mobile apps alike.


Craft has a user-friendly interface and customizable dashboards for all team members across their roles, making it simple to navigate and view data, no fuss, no hassle.

Complete Control

With Craft, you get complete control to prioritize work requests, track orders, and change and edit maintenance schedules anytime, anywhere.


Craft is designed to adapt to your organization’s and industry’s specific needs. From workflows to assets, and even dashboards, Craft is fully customizable to fit your unique process.


Craft supports your MRO (maintenance, repair and operating supply) management demands with unlimited work orders and service requests across units, facilities, departments, assets, and locations.


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Get the most optimized performance for your organization with Craft Business Suite maintenance management solution.

Craft Business Suite is a world class computerized maintenance management solution (CMMS) and it provides a cutting-edge technology to simplify and automate maintenance and asset management.

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