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With Craft Business Suite’s CMMMaintenance ManagementS module, fully automate and organize your work request process, while storing all relevant data in a centralized location. Unlimited work requests, fast tracking with immediate push notifications, and more.
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Craft Business Suite Benefits

Improve productivity

Craft keeps everything organized in one place to empower maintenance workers and technicians to do their job more efficiently and provide a better service. With QR code scanning, for instance, they can find previous work orders, last inspection data..etc. Other features include data capturing, multimedia playback, and more.

Extend Your Asset and Equipment Lifetime

With calendar features, automated alerts, and checklists, Craft keeps your asset maintenance schedules on track. It allows you to track an asset’s life cycle and schedule periodic maintenance, which helps increase the lifespan of your assets.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

As Craft helps you schedule and perform regular maintenance and keep assets in their best condition, you enhance the efficiency of your facility and operations, which ensures compliance to related legal and regulatory requirements.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Putting two and two together, with Craft, you maintain efficient assets and equipment, maximize your asset’s lifespan, and minimize equipment downtime, which boils down to: keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.



Work requests are filtered and prioritized by location, device type, maintenance work requested, and more.

A single work request can include more than one asset.

A view list of previous and current work requests is available with smart features like summary lists and detailed cards.

Comprehensive filters to navigate through the work requests like status, maintenance type, etc.

Work requests are tracked by a set of statuses to be updated accordingly. (New, In Progress, Postponed, Done, Closed).

Users can send both work or visit requests.

Users can attach files and images to their work requests.



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Craft Business Suite is a world class computerized maintenance management solution (CMMS) and it provides a cutting-edge technology to simplify and automate maintenance and asset management.

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