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The procurement process can take up to months… but not anymore. Craft Business Suite Purchasing solution offers an integrated purchasing and supplier management solution that automatically handles and gets you in full control of the entire procurement processes, from generating PRs to selecting the most qualified supplier and issuing POs.
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Craft Business Suite Benefits

Improve productivity

Craft keeps everything organized in one place to empower maintenance workers and technicians to do their job more efficiently and provide a better service. With QR code scanning, for instance, they can find previous work orders, last inspection data..etc. Other features include data capturing, multimedia playback, and more.

Extend Your Asset and Equipment Lifetime

With calendar features, automated alerts, and checklists, Craft keeps your asset maintenance schedules on track. It allows you to track an asset’s life cycle and schedule periodic maintenance, which helps increase the lifespan of your assets.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

As Craft helps you schedule and perform regular maintenance and keep assets in their best condition, you enhance the efficiency of your facility and operations, which ensures compliance to related legal and regulatory requirements.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Putting two and two together, with Craft, you maintain efficient assets and equipment, maximize your asset’s lifespan, and minimize equipment downtime, which boils down to: keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.




Your purchasing process can be more efficient and less time-consuming, only with Craft. Now you can get the right materials and assets at the right time from the most qualified supplier, while eliminating unnecessary spending.


Create Purchase Requests (PRs) for materials, spare parts, and equipment, and view your lists of PRs with ease.

Ability to link PRs with suppliers based on item classification.

Get customizable Purchase Requests sequence numbers based on type, date, or customers.

Add one or more assets, classify them, and outline their specifications (including the quantities requested) so that accordingly suppliers can submit accurate prices and bids for the specified models.


Upon approval of the supplier’s bid, Purchase Orders (POs) are automatically created with customized format and sequence numbers based on type, date…etc.

Easily find a specific purchase order through an advanced search feature.

Keep records of items supplied and the stores to receive them.

Easily print your POs.


With an automated procurement cycle, Craft facilitates, organizes, and tracks your bidding activities, from sending out Request for Proposals (RFPs) to invoicing, saving you the hassle of handling it manually.

Organize and filter through suppliers to find the right one that matches your purchase requests.

Easily generate and send out RFPs to the qualified list of suppliers.

Maintain records of each supplier’s submitted bids and compare in real-time to reject or accept the bids.

When a bid is accepted and a supplier is selected, a purchase order is automatically generated.


With Craft, your supplying management is simplified and costs are controlled. Select the best supplier and maintain the quality and delivery of your assets and spare parts to enhance your facility operational efficiency.

Maintain a full record of all suppliers’ information (including name, addresses, and one or more contact persons).

View your list of suppliers and easily update and/or remove suppliers.

Identify the assets models or components that each supplier can provide.

When a bid is accepted and a supplier is selected, a purchase order is automatically generated.



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