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Your All-in-One Solution and Maintenance Management Partner for Smart and Efficient Operations

Streamline Facility and Asset Maintenance

With a variety of features and functions, Craft automates and simplifies your facility and asset maintenance life cycle as well as your day-to-day maintenance operations, from planning and work orders to purchasing, all while maintaining associated costs.

Optimize Your Work Orders Scheduling

Get your work orders scheduling fully automated. With just a few clicks, you can schedule a work order. You can also make use of Craft’s scheduling tools and alerts to notify you when maintenance is due or when an asset breaks down, which automatically then generates a work order.

Move to Digital and Go Paperless

Forget the hassle of paperwork and spreadsheets. Go digital and power up your maintenance operations. Craft enables you to keep vital asset documents, records, manuals, warranties, permits, and more securely stored on a digital database.

Improve Productivity

Craft keeps everything organized in one place to empower maintenance workers and technicians to do their job more efficiently and provide a better service. With QR code scanning, for instance, they can find previous work orders, last inspection data..etc. Other features include data capturing, multimedia playback, and more.

Minimize Equipment Downtime

Craft enables you to plan and streamline preventive and routine maintenance, which not only helps you cut off unplanned or emergency breakdowns to the least possible but also smoothly manage planned downtime in a way that doesn’t affect your business production or activities.

Extend Your Asset and Equipment Lifetime

With calendar features, automated alerts, and checklists, Craft keeps your asset maintenance schedules on track. It allows you to track an asset’s life cycle and schedule periodic maintenance, which helps increase the lifespan of your assets.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

As Craft helps you schedule and perform regular maintenance and keep assets in their best condition, you enhance the efficiency of your facility and operations, which ensures compliance to related legal and regulatory requirements.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Putting two and two together, with Craft, you maintain efficient assets and equipment, maximize your asset’s lifespan, and minimize equipment downtime, which boils down to: keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.

Maximize Your ROI

Taking advantage of Craft’s maintenance planning and scheduling features brings along cost savings. Improving asset maintenance saves you a lot of money that could otherwise be spent on purchasing new equipment. Not only that, but with Craft’s helping you reduce downtime, uptime naturally increases, allowing you to operate more efficiently and generate more profits.

Make Better, Data-Driven Decisions

Craft collects data on a wide range of key performance indicators (KPIs), such as downtime and inventory supply costs, helping you securely store your data and insights in one place as well as analyze and quantify your facility performance. This ultimately informs your whole decision-making process and helps you make data-driven, strategic decisions.


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Craft Business Suite is a world class computerized maintenance management solution (CMMS) and it provides a cutting-edge technology to simplify and automate maintenance and asset management.

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